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ACAMA - Tibet Gompa Dedication - mp3

ACAMA - Tibet Gompa Dedication - mp3
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ACAMA - Tibet Gompa Dedication - mp3
  8,99 EUR

NEW RELEASE - The new album by the sound artist Acama is an acoustic sound color journey through Buddhist monasteries that the musician in the Himalayas has visited over the years. While staying in monasteries, Acama was allowed to record numerous authentic sound recordings of ceremonies and pujas. Acama has used these sound-documents in his new compositions, interweaving authentic original recordings of the respective locations energetically and musically closely and subtly with his music.The rhythm of Tibetan puja drums plays an essential role in the music pieces. They specify the speed at which the prayers are recited. Cymbals and bells ring at certain prayer sites and complement the sound of the prayer ceremonies. The interplay of the trance rhythms, with those used by Acama in the melodies
Sound frequency images, activates the meditative alpha state when listening. In this
similar state you are very relaxed and can go very well and meditate.
FIRE MOVE, the bonus track on this CD, is a modern musical greeting from Acama to the many young nuns and monks. The theme of the track is the great Tibetan tradition of fire puja, and its modern style is a musical symbiosis of traditional values ​​and modern times.
After a long creative break, in which Acama spent more and more time to his work as a music producer and arranger, the musician has now recorded this concept album as his 25th CD of his career. New music that reflects his deep impressions and experiences in Tibetan monasteries.
The music on this CD is arranged in a new, mystic-trance sound, with some symphonic nuances, while preserving the typical musical Acama style. A worldwide popular style of music, to linger, listen, relax and meditation invites.

Preiscode: 100 / Total time: 61 min / EAN: 9006639118018 / ISBN: 978-3-902750-57-0

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