ACAMA the musical artist, founder and developer of ACAMA® soundinstruments

Acama the composer and sound artist is the founder an developer of ACAMA® Therapy Sound Instruments. The musician focuses musically for over twenty-five years, with the interaction of harmonic sounds and the associated human well-being. Harmonious music is an essential tool to get back at rest, reduce stress and thereby stay healthy. To this end, to the listener ACAMA offers two different musical style ranges. From the rich experiences of his long musical career, the musician has released a series of romantic compositions on CD and became therefore internationally well known in the range ambient music.
With its special guitar sound and his friendly musical arrangements he has won with more than 100,000 sold sound recordings, the hearts of many people who are looking for relaxation in the music of the efforts of everyday life.
The artist puts large value in his compositions on the use of natural sounds and rhythms and to the selection of therapeutically important and valuable sound vibrations. Besides the relaxing listening music the artists compositions are ideal for the monitoring of therapeutic activities. Alle CDs & mp3 downloads by Acama you can find at

By traveling in Asia the musicians came in contact with Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and other overtones-instruments and uses these instruments in his compositions. ACAMA employs its music-therapeutic experience in sound massage and in the production of its own product line ACAMA ® therapy singing bowls and gongs, into his music work.
In many musical productions that have appeared in the past twenty-five years at Polyglobe Music, the artist has worked as an arranger and studio musician, which is easily recognized by the distinctive musical "signature" of Acama

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