about Polyglobe Music

A recordlabel on the track of special sounds

Since 1989, offside from maimstream music of the international music market, at Polyglobe Music Austria in Innsbruck seldom "music plants" are thrieving, which find many music-lovers around the whole world. As Polyglobe Music is an independent music publisher and producer, the owners can concentrate on publishing authentic and animated music content. Harmonising, as vitalising sounds and music, which have their origin in different cultures, practice on the listeners strong magic. It is impressive to determine repeatedly, that one cannot withdraw from the magic of sound and rhythm - one is impressed - without knowing exactly why. Thos process you can rewrite "listen with the heart". This "listen with the heart" and the concious handling with sound is the basic in all activities at Polyglobe Music. Special CDs with hamonising music for therapeutic use are produced at Polyglobe Music with a lot of love, in which medical, scientific finding and years of pracrical experience in this fieldare flowing into this music productionsAll products made by Polyglobe Music are distributed through a network of partners to retail shops, chains eg. in the EU and overseas. Additional all CDs are available as digital music downloads at i-Tunes and all other important digital music platforms worldwide.

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