about Tacho Music

Tacho Music is a label of Polyglobe Music Austria. With this label we continously are extending our catalog by our SONG POOL PROJECT with different genres. As we are connected with international distributon networks for physical and for digital content we can operate releases fast on the market. Good ideas have been finialized allready, your music titles are ready mixed on ad CDR and you are lucky with this result in your hand, but how to go on? How to find a partner who will publish and distribute your songs?  Of course you can do this by your own - or you´re talking with us. Since 1989 we do successfull publishing and producing and carry a internation reputatin on the market in genres like: meditation, relaxation, worldmsuic, audio books eg. And because music is our life and we personally love more differnent music genres we are opening our publishing house as well to generes like: pop (english & german speaking), singer-songwriter, blues, rock (sorry, no metal), or crossover genres, vocal as instrumental. Nice to hear from you. Tacho Music contact

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