FIDESSER ANDREA - Slides Of The Heart - CD
  • FIDESSER ANDREA - Slides Of The Heart - CD

FIDESSER ANDREA - Slides Of The Heart - CD

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This CD of the Italian star-pianist contains a collection of wonderful piano-works, which have been brilliantly voven with other orchestral instruments on to a total artwork.


Slides of the heart are "shots of life", each of which carries with itself the story of a moment, an image, a smell, a word... bringing a piece of world. Not difficult to find, among these tracks, the one that most responding to something that belongs to us, to something that will make it feel like "our" because, as all the Italian star-pianist Andrea Fidesser also knows how capturing the many nuances of the "feel", the result of a constant and careful listening of life, searching for answers that may not exist, in the awareness of the beauty of a thousand questions. And so the piano is, here, just the medium through which to express this inner life full of attempted answers, evasion of the mind, the soul experiences. Themes and immersive sound environments, sometimes richer than other more essential, with a more or less pronounced smile, with strong and soft colors of a shy dawn or of a fiery sunset. “Slides of the Heart…”

Pricecode: 100 / Toal time: 60 min / EAN: 9006639113204 / ISBN: 978-3-902750-09-9


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