Original ACAMA® SINGING BOWLS are made according to an old traditional recipe in the Himalayas, and based on many years of experience in sound massage. Pure metal bowls are produced in small family-owned businesses, on a fair trade basis - exclusively for Polyglobe Music (NO mechanical quantity production!). These high-quality singing bowls are especially suitable for the therapy work on the body and are used in numerous health and therapy areas. ACAMA® singing bowls are subject to the constant quality control of Polyglobe Music Austria and ACAMA. The sound behavior, transient response, pitch and vibration intensity of each individual bowl are tested (including analysis of PLANET TONES). As a guarantee for the best quality of the singing bowls, the artist makes his name Acama available. In order to be able to meet this high quality standard and guarantee it reliably, ACAMA® singing bowls are available exclusively from Polyglobe Music, Austria, and its trusted partners. "So you as a customer can be sure to receive best quality when buying from ACAMA® singing bowls. Sincerely, your Acama!"


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