Dr. Med. Chantal Füssler

... is born in Strasbourg (F) and is the mother of two grown-up children. After finishing her degree in medicine Chantal Füssler worked and lived in Switzerland for 25 years. She is running her own office for acupuncture. Several trips to dolphins, the experiences from work and life and her dreams inspired Chantal Füssler to write this story. She has a deep interest for innovative methods of healing like sound therapy or studying the stimulating power of water. Chantal Füssler organises trips to dolphins and whales and holds seminars on overtone singing and drumming in Schindellegi.

Kontakt: Dr.med Chantal Füssler
Dorfstrasse 32, CH-8834 Schindellegi
Herkunftsland:     Schweiz / Switzerland

Bilatone (CD 10609)
Das Kind und der Wal (Tonbuchprojekt/Buch mit CD 50318)
Planet Healing Voices (CD 10914)
Tinnitus (Tonbuchprojekt/Buch mit CD 50501)


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