Petra Meier

Petra Maier Regli was born in 1956 in Markdorf, Germany. In 1961 she moved to Switzerland where she did her primary school and started studying at the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich to become a teacher and a handicraft teacher. As a disciple of Eva Brenner in Winterthur she got her certificate for painting-and art therapy in 1987. Petra Maier Regli works as teacher, works independently in art therapy and as a consultant, does advanced training in bodywork, meditation and psychology and implements numerous collective and solo exhibitions. Petra Maier Regli also holds seminars in conjunction with the sound therapist and nature tone musician Bardo (Bernhard Jäger) on the following topics: colours, forms and sounds. The artist presents the results of her intensive work on the tonebook Mandala, Farben, Formen, Klänge.
Herkunftsland: Schweiz / Switzerland

Mandalas: Farben - Formen - Klänge (Tonbuchprojekt/Buch mit CD 50319)


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