Isolde Rienmüller

Isolde Rienmüller was born in Steyr/Austria and lived in Enns since she was a little girl. She is running a practice for Neurology and Psychiatry for more than twenty years now. Through studying Feng Shui she could advance her deep touch with nature and her sensibility for design with colours and shapes. Isolde Rienmüller expresses her philosophy of life through photographing, painting and writing essays on how to deal with grief. In her essays she tries to show us a way, to get over grief and loss in a positive manner.
Her partner Alexander Schreiner-Steinberg (actor and director) is not only the voice of the stories, through his sensitive interpretation he helps to carry the stories directly into the hearts of the listeners.
Vorausgegangen (Hörbuch CD 60810)
Was ist hinter der Tür... (Hörbuch CD 60715)


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