ASHIMA - Shunyata - MP3
  • ASHIMA - Shunyata - MP3

ASHIMA - Shunyata - MP3

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Mantras – meditation. On this debut-album the artist performs meditative Tibetan mantras. Holy mantras for inner peace and powerful spiritualization. A real highlight on this CD is a spiritual 20 minute-Puja-version of the famous Chenresi-Mantra ”OM MANI PEME HUM”. In a most sensitive way the artist understands to create a binding link between the cultures of the East and the West with her music . Ashima – the so called “voice” – pleases her audience with a new kind of interpretation of Tibetan and Indian mantras with her wonderful voice.
Code: 100 / Total time: 64 min / EAN: 9006639108231 / ISBN: 978-3-900006-78-5



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