ASHIMA - Heart Sutra - MP3
  • ASHIMA - Heart Sutra - MP3

ASHIMA - Heart Sutra - MP3

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On this particular Mantra-CD Ashima presents two long meditative pieces of music. With her tender voice the artist sings the famous Heart Sutra and the energetic Manjushri-Mantra. For Buddhists the Heart Sutra represents the highest level of wisdom, it is also called the Essence of Wisdom Sutra. Manjushri is one of the big Bodhisattvas. The Manjushri Mantra should help overcome nescience and achieve wisdom. Both elements are important prayers for the Buddhists, often recited at religious occasions.   
Code: 100 / Total time: 43´50´´ / EAN: 9006639109153 / ISBN: 978-3-900006-91-4


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