ACAMA - Water Life - CD
  • ACAMA - Water Life - CD

ACAMA - Water Life - CD

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Music from spring, across the landscapes to the sea - everything starts over again.

Total time: 68 min / UPC: 9006639108026  / ISBN: 978-3-900006-81-5



A mental musical journey of water – from its spring, across the landscapes to the sea. Fromt he clouds up above to the rain falling down on earth– everything starts over again.v With his refreshing and relaxing music combined with the sounds of nature, Acama has sensitively traced the magic, vital cycle of water, existing since the beginning of our earth. In this opus, music and the sounds of nature merge into an entity. This composition helps people to retrieve from daily stress, to find relaxation in the sounds and to recharge their batteries with new and natural powers.
Pricecode: 100 / Total time: 68 min / UPC: 9006639108026  / ISBN: 978-3-900006-81-5



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