ACAMA old, ancient singing bowls

Unique, ancient, collected in the Himalayas ACAMA® singing bowls. As singing bowls in religious rituals in Buddhism had lost their importance over well over 100 years ago, the crafting of these bowls was also greatly reduced. As a result, the shells got into Tibetan households, where they were mostly used for cooking and as a scooping device. After the first singing bowl boom in the 1970s and 1980s in the West, therefore, old singing bowls in Nepal and Tibet were less and less available. Therefore, really good-sounding old bowls are nowadays hardly available in sufficient numbers. Singing bowls that are now available as old - especially in Nepal and India - are almost always new bowls artificially trimmed to old. Thanks to the best contacts to private collectors, we are always able to offer old collectibles that have been with collectors in Europe for decades and were still imported at a time when you could still find enough excellent sounding old singing bowls in the Himalayas , Here you will find a selected selection of currently available unique ACAMA®-quality clamshells at Polyglobe Music.
Unique, ancient, collected singing bowl

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