The connecting element in his work is harmony. He makes timeless art for savourers, beyond all fashions and styles. Baco has been composing since the age of five - yet hardly using music paper, he simply improvises. He gains inspiration out of every moment, living in and from the flow. During live-performances he often combines several art movements to one holistic experience. With those poetic productions he tries to enchant his audience and to transfer them to another sphere. Besides commissioned works for TV, film and stage he also realises cooperations with companies, the media, communities and institutions and is engaged in social and peace activities. Several times Baco has already been working as Artist in residence and is invited to play concerts and guest performances on various official occasions. The artist has written several books and has released audio books as well as music CDs. All voices and instruments on the CD were recorded by himself. Baco is married and lives in Vienna and Lower Austria. He would welcome feedback, suggestions and interesting project proposals..

Kontakt: baco(at)baco(dot)at

Blissful Harmony (CD)


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