GODAFRID lives secluded in the countryside and characterises himself as a pilgrim on his path to God.
In the two albums with devoted prayers as well as in the sacred pop-songs with messages of mantras he likes to remind us of our personal relationship to God.
He explains: „In this modern technological world of unlimited communication and information we lost our connection to the Divine, the Lord, the Highest Authority, the Source of Life, or however you like to name God. Spirituality is deepest bliss and I invite you all to listen with open heart to the prayers and songs in devotion to the Divine Presence.“
The name Godafrid comes from the Old Germanic language and means
“God’s Peace”
AbendAndacht (Gebete Hörbuch mit Musik CD 60926)
MorgenAndacht (Gebete Hörbuch mit Musik CD 60925)
Power Of Oneness (CD 11021)


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