Andy Radovan

At the age of 5 it was clear to Andreas Radovan: He is a musician! He was born in Linz, raised in South Africa, educated in USA, South Africa and Austria. His musical path let him to various instruments, until he discovered the guitar at the age of 11 – and it was love at first sight!
Impressed by different cultures he developed a wide range of musicality that enables him to be involved in many projects.
For more than 20 years he has been enriching Austrias musical scene as a composer, musician, arranger and producer: co-operation with local and international artists, solo cds, film and TV scores, guitarist and musical director for various theater and musical productions, musical concept and design for corporate events and productions and last but not least live performances together with his band.
As opposed to the sometimes bombastic requirements, it is in this project “Diary” that he found his very personal and intimate way of expressing himself.
Celebration (CD 10508)
Diary (CD 10323)


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