Ashima studied western classical music. After her studies she went to India and came in touch with the world of Indian Music. So she decided to merge into this new musical universe and studied for several years in India Hindustan music, Carnatic music, Sanskrit mantra, Vedic singing and Buddhist mantras.
Ashima performs her program of Indian and Tibetan music with her wonderful voice on stages of international concert halls.
The artist – so called “the voice” – pleases her audience with a new kind of interpretation of Tibetan mantras with her wonderful voice. In a most sensitive way the artist understands to create a binding link between the cultures of east and west with her music.

Kontakt: office(at)polyglobemusic(dot)at

Heart Sutra (CD 10915)
Shunyata (CD 10823)

Ashima, Mantras, Chants, Tibet, Buddhismus

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