Bardo †

Bardo aka Bernhard Jäger, born 1948, died Dec. 2017, studied archeology and social education. On a trip to Iran in 1974 he first encountered a Sufi master practicing overtone singing somewhere in the desert. Bardo starts studying the techniques of this special way of nature tone singing and develops the so-called Bardo music – a combination of the classical Indian system with the Western music system, also using voice melody. Bardo music is a synthesis of nature tone music and quint-based tune scales.
As a result he discovered that this kind of music has a relaxing effect on the human wellbeing, so the artist invented a sound therapy working with a fine tuned system of overlaying sound images, that should increase assorted cell growth. Since the early seventies Bardo was fascinated by sound instruments made of bronze – so called gongs – from all the different parts of the world. He worked with Chime Yets and Tams (Bon Tam, Tam Tam, Fuengh- Lob Tams, Shang Tams, Bó etc.) as well as with sound bowls and Bali-gongs. From all the modes of operation of the different sound spectra combined with overtone exercises the artist develops the sound therapy of Bardo.
During his numerous gigs at concerts in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France the audience experiences the intensive, mental and physical effect Bardos performed sound images have on the human body and mind. During congresses and lectures Bardo introduces his sound work to medics, collaborations with medics are the result (eg. Dr. med Kurt Mosetter, founder of the Myroreflex-Therapy and Regulative Medicine). In his seminars Bardo teaches the art of overtone techniques and special techniques of the sound therapy. Bardo founds the soundhouse of Tessin – “Palazzo Armonici”, an ancient house located in the Onsernone valley in Switzerland, where he offers seminars and sound weeks (gong, overtone-singing, sound therapy, Arabian music, construction of instruments, body/ voice/ sound, health weeks, sound holidays and concerts).
Space of Voice (CD 10320)
String Bath (CD 10322)
Valley of Sounds (CD 10321)


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