Alex Mayer

Alex Mayer is born on 10th of February 1973 in Innsbruck. The artist uses the didgeridoo (yidaki) in several new musical directions. His debut-CD “Travellers Dream - Busking with the didgeridoo", Ethic 19506, contains ten virtuoso solo tracks for didgeridoo. On this masterpiece he presents his impressions from vast trips through Europe working as a street musician.
Alex Mayer is playing at numerous events and TV-shows all over Europe as solo interpreter as well as in ensembles Act (Rolling Stones / Zeltweg - ‘East meets west’-concerts with Shyam Kumar Mishra, India, Chester C. Washington, USA - Techno-Live-acts - Brass-Quintett "Haller Stadtpfeifer" - Comin' and Goin' - VIVA-TV Music Channel – ORF and much more).
Herkunftsland: Austria

Adventure Club (CD 10005)
Bolá (CD 19610)
Chill Out Zone (CD 19919, CD vergriffen)
Didg for Yoga (CD 10604)
Flying Carpet ONE (CD 19706)
Flying Carpet TWO (CD 10820)
Travellers Dream (CD 19506, CD vergriffen)


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