Jürg Fuyûzui Zurmühle

Jürg fuyûzui Zurmühle, is master of the Japanese bamboo Shakuhachi (Kinkoryû, Kawase Junzuke III, Tokyko). He was studying at Dr. Andreas Gutzwiller, Basel, and Shitoshi Shimura, Osaka. Jürg Zurmühle works as qualified flutist and docent for transverse flute, improvisation and ensemble at the college for pedagogy Liestal, Switzerland. Besides numerous CD-publications with the bamboo flute Shakuhachi the musician did countless compositions and productions for film, TV, concerts and dance performances. Jurg Zurmühle is the founder of the school for Shakuhachi in Liestal, Switzerland. He is also a certified CoreDynamic - Trainer® (counselling and coaching)
Herkunftsland: Schweiz / Switzerland
Kontakt: suisha(at)swissonline(dot)ch

Inside (CD 10310)
Pure (CD 10814)
Spiritual Landscapes (CD 10503)
Traditional Music for Two (CD) 10502


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