Benares Trance Percussion Ensemble

Benares has as song for every season. They are known for their large variety from classical musical pieces to simple religious Bhajan. There is hardly any evening without a concert in town. All the famous Indian musicians come from Benares at the Ganges. The so called city of Varansi aka Benares or Banaras is also the hometown of the musicians of the Benares Trance and Percussion Ensembles. The ensembles trademark are mystical rhythms, whose origins go back to the Vedas. The typical repetitive rhythm structure of the drums transfers the audience in a trance-like condition, something very common at Indian dances and other festivities. During feast days these drums are often played continuously for several days on the banks of the Ganges.
Herkunftsland: Indien/India

Fire Trance (CD 10010)


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