Gabriele Maria

Gabriele Maria lives out of the world and dedicates her life to the messages she receives to pass them on to their fellow men. The stories of Gabriele Maria are precious messages and guidelines for people who are willing to listen inward, to be able to hear ones inner voice better, the voice that leads us through life. Gabriele Maria points out that the divine guidance is present for everybody at all times and that we often forget the most important task or even obligation in our lives – to follow that voice no matter what.
Kontakt: office(at)polyglobemusic(dot)at

Der Engel führt Dich  (Geführte Meditation/Hörbuch CD 60921)
Die Reise durch den Tunnel  (Geführte Meditation/Hörbuch CD 61325)
Du bist gerufen  (Geführte Meditation/Hörbuch CD 60714)
Ich bin da  (Geführte Meditation/Hörbuch CD 60922)


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