Christina Hostettler

Christina Hostettler trains and coaches people in personal development and self competence she works as a psychological astrologist and therapist. She has an office for life coaching, guidance during processes of change and healing and in finding of solutions. She has a certificated Master in NLP (short-term forms of therapy) is certificated voice&sound healer/ teacher (working with voice, sound and energy). Besides she has training in different techniques of working with the body and energy, in creative dance, voice development, meditation, trance and hypnosis.
Christina Hostettler has a great interest in the potential of development of the human being. She believes in the integrity of every individual being and supports people in recognizing and changing limiting patterns and ways of perception. She helps people to get closer to oneself, to realize their creative essence.
Christina is very close to dolphins and whales and organises trips with groups to meet wild dolphins in areas where they are not dependent on humans. In the mid-nineties she founded the organisation Human-Dolphin Connection with the goal to enable meetings with marine mammals for a lot of people.
Kontakt: info(at)heaven-earth(dot)org
Soul Connection (Geführte Meditation & Aktivierung mit Musik, CD 60712)

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