Bernhard Mack

Dr. Bernhard Mack plays the Tenor-, Alt- and Sopran-Saxophon and the Monochord he is a singer and is the speaker on his own CDs. Bernhard Mack works as trainer for CoreDynamics and is the founder and head of the CoreDynamik Institute. This Institute is a centre for research and teaching with the goal to support the “return of the soul” into psychology, management and all forms of science, training and therapy, basing on the modern insights in transpersonal psychology, intuition research and body training: “Human beings are no engines, no biologistic cluster of reactions, we have a soul, our spirit and the quality of our senses, completion and vision are the basics for our creative power and therefore the skill to find and live a fulfilling occupation.
Herkunftsland: Deutschland

Archetypen der Berufung   (Geführte Meditation/Hörbuch CD 10403)
Essenz   (Geführte Meditation/Hörbuch CD 10404)


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