Manuela Hörmann

Manuela Hörmann is a writer currently living in Austria and Germany. She works in the advertising industry managing advertising campaigns. She loves writing story with thoughtfulness for “people with a big heart”. The whole world is full of stories, that want to be told. If such a story wants to be told, it doesn’t matter on what place you are or what time it is. Actually the story is already finished, before the first word is written on paper, only that until that moment nobody heard or read it. Not even the person, that is writing the story. But now the stories are alive and are happy to come to life for big and small kids.
Fabula Blue (Lustige Geschichten für kinder mit Musik, Teil 1 / Hörbuch CD 10215)
Fabula Red (Lustige Geschichten für kinder mit Musik, Teil 2 / Hörbuch CD 10214)
Fabula Red & Blue (Tonbuch Projekt/Buch mit beiden CDs 50316)
Fabula Red & Blue (Vorlese Büchlein ohne CD 90316)

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