Ambient Club

We see our music as attempt to catch vibrant moments and current conditions and translate those musically. It’s like having a good conversation – the topic is already given. Like following a thread one word leads to the other, one tune passes over to the next, forgetting about the actual topic, something new can evolve.
Could be, that listening to ones surroundings combined with listening inward, advances and maintains our openness. It could also be, that such openness shown in all different directions is important for the creative process.
The human being communicates on different levels, through our musical dialog, we hope to inspire everybody to have pleasant and beautiful conversations – maybe even with oneself.
But maybe this sums it up in a good way: Where words come to an end, the music commences… “
Gerold und Wilfried von Ambient Club
Blue Apricot (CD 10506)
Sofa(r) (CD 10217)


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