Dechen Shak-Dagsay

Dechen stopped working after the release of her debut album “Dewa Che, Universal Healing Power of Tibetans Mantras” in order to devote her time to her artistic career.
The CD is touching the hearts of thousands of people all over the world. Dechen is very happy about the great success of her music and says: „The reason for this big success of the CD „Dewa Che“ confirms to me again and again, that deep in our hearts we all speak the same language. No matter what race, age or social background, we all have the wish for inner peace and tranquility.“
Her new album is dedicated to world peace and is called „Shi De, A Call for world peace”. It contains wonderful Tibetan Peace Songs that are calling on everyone to contribute to world peace.
„I hope I can reach out as far as possible with these Tibetan Peace Songs in order to convince people all over the world, that together we can definitely make a difference and make this world a better place to live“ says Dechen

Herkunftsland: Tibet - Schweiz/Switzerland

Dewa Che (CD 19920)
Dcham Sem (US-Version: Compassion) (CD 10405)
Shi De (CD 10222)
Spirit of Compassion (CD 10821)
Tara Devi (CD 10601)
Tibet on my mind (DVD 41003)
DIE ELEMENTE - Praxis der Tibetischen Meditation (Tibetan Thai Chi) – DVD 1 (DVD 40510)
LEBENSQUALITÄT - Praxis der Tibetischen Meditation (Tibetan Thai Chi) – DVD 2 (DVD 40511)
INNERER FRIEDEN - Praxis der Tibetischen Meditation (Tibetan Thai Chi) – DVD 3 (DVD 40512)
Daheim in zwei Welten (DVD 40710)

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