Gemma Wagner

After a few years of dance training I took singing classes with many teachers, for example at Dr. Hoch’s conservatory and the academy of music in Frankfurt/Main. Through acting (theatre Frankfurt/Main) I got to know the Institute for Functional Voice Training of Lichtenberg, where I completed a five year long voice – and pedagogic education. In the last 18 years of my pedagogic-therapeutic work, this education has proved an important basis. Extensive experience in various body techniques, such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, Alexander technique, Gindler’s work and Eutony, have also accompanied and influenced me on my way. Intensive journeys through the States, India and Africa have also affected me. Strenuous research, the contact to musicians from other cultures and the birth of my son enabled me to break through to my own voice and my own music. Besides classical European music and free improvisation, I specialise on the cantos of Hildegard of Bingen.
I am the singer – I am the sound.
It has always been my wish to find the free sound, which is independent of any predefined “voice category”, a sound, coming from my heart. This sound is hard to “produce”, it wants to evolve out of itself and demands adequate space and time. It finds me in the moment of the greatest possible openness. Then, there is a connection to the deep and high space and the formants sparklingly encase the voice. At some point during singing, it “happens” and I no longer produce, control or change the sound but vice versa. It is the very moment when a journey begins, the expansion into an unknown space that longs to become audible.
It is the improvisation that enables the voice to develop out of its current dynamic. Only without musical standards it is possible, that the sound may direct its focus on the dimension that lies within itself. Hildegard of Bingen’s songs for example are appropriate for making the complexity of sound audible. With their great slurs and melisms on one vocal, they provide a space to linger and to get involved in the sound with all senses.
Herkunftsland: Deutschland/Germany
Homepage: www.gemma-wagner.de

Voice of the heart (CD 10850)


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