Phoenix Percussion Project

“Improvisation is the heart of our music, as form of expression, as stylistic device and as attitude. “
Improvisation adapts to the acoustic conditions of a room, it feels the power and reflects the authentic mood of the musicians as well as the vein of the audience. Such a concert demands a high level of concentration and intuition from the artists and it demands a high intensity of listening from the audience – far beyond just consuming music. Within this interplay between musicians, audience, time and space unique musical listening experiences emerge, virtuous moments can be witnessed and taken into one’s heart to be enjoyed for a long time.
Working with the Phoenix Percussion Project is an experiment, it’s the attempt to artfully and warily create and weave tunes and rhythms rather than just playing a rehearsed program. We are improvising. Every single concert is unique and still we are able to develop a certain musical dialectic focused on alertness with this very special way of making music. You have to pay attention to the others, you have to listen closely and you have to react fast. Therefore everybody has the possibility to explore one’s rhythmic expression in sound and motion. The result is a joining music, carried by respect and proximity, carried by the joy of experimenting, carried by the vision to merge the different cultures of rhythms to one musical unit.

André Varkonyi, a musical part of the band Phoenix Percussion Project (and other groups) has died in July 2019.

Herkunftsland: Österreich/Austria - Deutschland/Germany - Burkina Faso
Flowers to the Moon (CD 19912)
Hear and Now (CD 19710


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