Hubert Flattinger

Hubert Flattinger was born in 1960 in Innsbruck. He works as illustrator and author for children’s books, tales, theatre plays and radio plays. In 1994 he started working for the local newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung where he was in charge of the illustrations on the children’s page. Painting and music are closely connected for Hubert Flattinger as in both arts the artist tries to tell a story, to make alive an inner image.
At the early age of ten Hubert Flattinger had the strong desire to dive into one of Astrid Lindgren’s famous fairy tales and even as adult he still was one of her dearest fans. In 1994 he had the unique opportunity to visit Astrid Lindgren personally in Stockholm, he was supposed to write a documentary on his visit. The outcome was an enchanting story a “fairy tale of a journey made of longings and dreams, that leads us to the doorstep of the patroness of all fairy tales.”


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